Our Philosophy

At Bombay Cafe Boca, we continue to offer classical cuisine from several regions of India, with a particular understanding of the food that is prepared in palaces and gourmet homes, along with a selection of the best of ‘street food’.


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At Bombay Cafe Boca we strive to make quality Indian cuisine the best it can be.  We continue to maintain an authentic Indian menu based on traditional recipes with an intrinsic understanding of fine-tuning tastes of the 21st century. Our food aims to comfort as well as inspire and satisfy the demanding penchant of our diners.


We ensure our guests feel extraordinarily special, we strive to exceed our guest’s expectations and try to ensure that each dining experience is a memorable one.  Come out and try our authentic Biryani and other Indian delicacies in a modern and comfortable dining space. Chicken, Lamb, Seafood and lots of Vegetarian dishes offer something that everyone can enjoy!  Bombay Cafe Boca is the go-to place for succulent Indian food. Thousands have tested and tasted our cuisine, when are you coming?

Saman Singh

Saman Singh brings a breadth of experience in Indian cuisine, restaurant management and ownership since 1988.  He began his career as the head chef at Meridian in New Delhi, India for about a year and half.  He then moved to Hong Kong in 1990 where he worked as a chef and restaurant manager at multiple locations including Hilton, American Club, and Conrad International until 1996.  From 1996 to 2004 Saman resided in Chicago where he was working for India House, again as a chef and manager.  And most recently, since 2004 Saman Singh is the proud owner of Bombay Cafe, Fort Lauderdale and Bombay Cafe, Boca Raton.


Asgar Chinikamwala

Asgar Chinikamwala has been a successful businessman since 1987 and contributes his vast experience in general management, employee management, administration and marketing. From 1987 to 2009 he owned a printing business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and then 8 years ago got into the restaurant business.  He started out owning multiple franchise locations in Atlanta, Georgia and in 2007, Asgar joined the Bombay Cafe team in Boca Raton.

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